Social Media Monitoring

As a web business strategy consultant in a world connected intricately through social media, a question I’m always asked by companies is “How do we know if our social media techniques are working?”,“Is our message reaching the appropriate audience?” ,“How can we identify if which social media platforms are performing well and which ones aren’t?”

In today’s blog post we will discuss how to monitor and track your social media platforms while forming stronger relations with your customers. The key to understanding your social media’s success is Social Media Monitoring/Tracking. Social Media Monitoring is the utilization of software to supervise a company’s overall activity online. This process isn’t exclusive to just social media networks, and many monitoring tools expand to different types of websites such as forums, blogs, and social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter. It helps companies track the influence of their online strategies, identify possibilities for connecting with their customers through the web and monitor their competition online. Companies regularly monitor their social media platforms to gain information beneficial to them such as:

  • How they can demonstrate their proficiency in the best possible way.
  • What their consumers are discussing regarding trends in the market.
  • What their consumers feel about the brand in general and each product in particular.
  • What social media platforms, blogs, and groups these consumers are using to discuss the company.

Here is a list of some of the best social media monitoring tools:

  1. Hootsuite
  2. Tweetreach
  3. Klout
  4. Social Mention
  5. Google Alerts
  6. BrandWatch …and much more.

Companies use one or a combination of these tools that caters to their objectives and social media focus.

Let us discuss one of these tools in detail for gaining a better understanding.


Hootsuite is a free online social media monitoring tool that covers different social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others. This tool helps to delegate tasks through weekly reports and is especially useful to manage multiple social media accounts from the same homepage.

Some of Hootsuite’s key feature are as follows:

  • It allows you to track keywords and conversations as well as respond or delegate the response.
  • Helps grow your followers and can handle multiple social profiles.
  • Provides an enhanced and analyzed report, which helps increase your return

So how does Hootsuite make it easier and faster to connect with your customers? Here are some examples :

  • A company that uses Hootsuite is H&M. Suppose at a single time, H&M wanted to manage all it’s social media profiles. With Hootsuite, H&M would be able to save time by accessing and monitoring all its social media platforms from a single dashboard while managing all their social content.
  • Another company using this tool is Tiffany & Co.With a huge reputation to uphold this company uses Hootsuite to track their incoming messages and mentions on social media. This tool approves messages and permits workflows through profile protections to support the brand and defend it from external threats.

Now that we have a basic understanding of Social Media monitoring and Hootsuite in particular, let’s take a look at the University of Iowa’s Admissions page and see how they can really use Hootsuite to their benefit.

  • Hootsuite can help organize all of UIowa’s admission social media platforms by giving the university a single, central view of the communication that takes place in these platforms.Additionally, it helps to recognize and cut off risky accounts that could potentially destroy the brand’s image.
  • Hootsuite will allow UIowa Admissions to keep in touch with conversations taking place among their present students, potential students, and alumni through keywords or hashtags such as “#lifeatiowa”, “#iowaalum” or ”#futurehawkeye”. The admissions office will also be able to respond and actively take part in these discussions which will help improve ROI.
  • Hootsuite will also allow UIowa to monitor discussions and conversations on social platforms about their competitors which will help identify everything the university is doing right and everything it can do to improve its conversion rate.

In conclusion, every company’s needs and objectives are different.It is important to identify your social media focus and values before choosing a social media monitoring tool. Hootsuite and other such tools are extremely profitable to any business and help you identify and analyze your social media effectively and efficiently.


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